Our Approach

Industrial fishing produces healthy food for billions of people and contributes significantly to developments in many countries.

At AGILTECH, our Mission is to support key actors in the industrial fishing sector bringing advanced and tailored tehcnologies and solutionsin order to guarantee the safety of fishermen and ensure sustainable management while preserving the biodiversity of marine species.

We are one of the 2 ERS V3 certified operators in France.

Our TURBOCATCH ™ Electronic Reporting System is a software dedicated to the catch declarations and management as well as its transmissions to the French and European administrations for the purpose of control, catch analysis and quotas management at national and european scale.

TURBOCATCH is embedded in our S3 ™ box which is the on-board service server.

We process data on the fishing activities of almost half of the French fleet.



AGILBOX-ERS ™ is our on-board SaaS server dedicated to fishing. Any computer on board the vessel is capable of displaying the applications.


TURBOCATCH™ is an electronic fishing logbook certified by the DPMA to meet the reporting obligations regarding professional fishing activity in Europe.



The S3 ™ box is a local on-board web server connected to the vessel’s peripherals.

Any authorized computer on board the vessel is capable of displaying the applications.


To come up

GSM interconnection

Optional Wi-Fi.


TURBOCATCH ™ is our ERS-V3 electronic fishing logbook (JPE or e-logbook).

This software was developed in order to make declarations, to register them and to transmit them to the public administration.

Through our application we guarantee complete control of fishing operations in real time and we ensure the monitoring of vessels. TURBOCATCH ™ thus participates in the overall monitoring of fisheries.

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