Agiltrack Bus
We design, develop and manufacture innovative solutions for managing public transport networks and assisting with mobility.

Through Agiltrack, our modular and scalable software with the State-of-the-art business logics in it, we offer our customers following features:

Real-time monitoring of your vehicles

Control of your lines to help regulate vehicles

The management of your alerts by e-mail, SMS (Service pick-up, Breathalyzer …)

Ticketing services

Various custom-made solutions adapted to your needs

Compatibility of all on-board equipment (computers / LED Destination Display / and more)

Sae Bus


All the information processed by the CAD / AVL allow the operator to ensure an overall monitoring of his fleet.

Through our solution we collect all kinds of data, the real-time position of vehicles, whether they are early or late, the distance traveled, the Breathalyzer, and many more.

As part of the SAE we offer you the possibility of performing the following tasks:

Manage and optimize your network (s)

Real-time location (mapping monitoring)

Monitor the advance and the delay (synoptic on a journey)

Route replay

Statistical analyzes (via various reports)


In order to comply with the applicable regulations (Annex 11 following the order of May 3, 2007) we offer you our tailored Agiltrack solution.

Our Passenger Information System (PIS) will allow you to provide public transport users with useful, reliable and real-time information (audio and visual).

Your transport network will thus be accessible to everyone and in particular to People with Reduced Mobility (PRM).

informations voyageurs bus
Billettique Voyageurs


Each public transport user must have a transport ticket to be able to travel in compliance.

It is therefore essential for operators to equip themselves with a ticketing solution allowing them to sell, validate and control these tickets.

Our solution adapts to the needs of the transport network, whether through the variety of prices or discounts available.

All your tickets can be available through a “centric card“.

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